Can someone be elected to the U.S. Senate from North Carolina without taking a position on anything? Cheri Beasley is going to try!

In an interview on Monday, Beasley danced around every question to a degree that could be interpreted as parody.

Q: Is there one issue where there’s a significant difference between you and Mr. Jackson?

A: Well, maybe that’s a question for him.

Q: Have you had any change of heart regarding the filibuster matter? 

A: You know, it’s a tough issue.

Q: So, you haven’t made a firm decision, or you have?

A: H.R. 1, S.R. 1, they need to pass.  They absolutely do.  But the filibuster is a much bigger issue.

Q: Do you believe we should step in and have the government say, “you will be vaccinated.”

A: It was important for me and my family to be vaccinated and to protect those around us. 

To recap: 4 fair, straightforward questions. 0 answers from Cheri Beasley.  Maybe if she had a staff, she would be better prepared?

We doubt it.


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