What does it mean to be a Democrat? It’s “existential” for the party and the next big fight is playing out in Pennsylvania. 

John Fetterman, a socialist Bernie Sanders supporter, and Conor Lamb, a self-declared moderate even though he has voted with AOC 88% of the time, have taken the mantle of front-runners in Pennsylvania (ignoring the female and minority candidates running against them). They will be dueling it out these next few months to answer this “existential” question for the party. 

When asked about the clash between the moderate establishment and the Left, a Democrat Pennsylvania county chairwoman said, candidates “have to weigh base issues.” We already know where Fetterman stands – as far Left as possible. Trying to forever change the definition of a Democrat for Pennsylvanians as an extreme liberal. Lamb, on the other hand, is all over the place trying to redefine his label within the party in what has become a race to the Left. 

That’s why Lamb continues to tout his support for ending the filibuster and has no qualms with Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 (really $5.5) trillion socialist tax and spending spree. But that won’t fly with Fetterman who is attacking Lamb for “evolving”.

“If you are looking for a candidate that had to ‘evolve’ on core issues like the $15 minimum wage, then don’t vote for me,” Fetterman wrote. “If you want a candidate that has outdated views on marijuana, then you and I might have to agree to disagree.”

We look forward to watching this infighting play out in Pennsylvania. 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Let the infighting in Pennsylvania begin! In this Democrat primary race, Conor Lamb is caught between yesterday’s moderate establishment and today’s extreme progressives. He is all over the place, one day claiming to be a moderate and the next working hard to shift Left on issues to keep up with his fellow Democrats in the race. But the already extreme progressives in the race, like Fetterman, see right through his games and so will Pennsylvania voters.”


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