Political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin’s campaign today announced the launch of two new statewide ads exposing Terry McAuliffe’s anti-police, pro-criminal agenda that will make our communities less safe.  

“Terry McAuliffe’s embrace of groups that want to close prisons and defund police, his refusal to meet with police groups, and his abysmal track record as governor makes it clear that McAuliffe is too extreme and too dangerous to tackle Virginia’s violent crime problem,” said Youngkin spokesman Matt Wolking. “McAuliffe’s policies will cause more chaos and crime and make Virginians less safe.”

Virginia is at a crossroads: violent crime is skyrocketing   and murders alone are at a 20-year high.

When Terry McAuliffe was governor, his handpicked parole board members released violent criminals back into our communities, the rape rate increased every year, and the murder rate increased 43%. He also made it easier for felons to get guns.

In recent months, McAuliffe refused to meet with the Virginia Police Benevolent Association, announced his support for eliminating qualified immunity, which would make individual police officers vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits and to being personally bankrupted.

Now, he’s embracing the endorsement of an extremist organization, New Virginia Majority, which advocates for defunding the police, wants to do away with all prisons, and abolish ICE.

McAuliffe tweeted that he was “proud” to be endorsed by New Virginia Majority on July 20, 2021. McAuliffe also said he was “proud” to be endorsed by NARAL, which tweeted in April, “It’s past time to defund the police.”


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