Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC-01) introduced legislation to enforce consistency in states’ identification requirements. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) introduced the Senate companion.

“Showing an ID is something we must do in everyday life. We need an ID when we get a job, cash our paychecks, rent an apartment, buy a car, buy alcohol or even cold medicine,” Mace said. “States who mandate vaccine passports should be just as rigorous when it comes to something as important as protecting the right to vote. I am introducing legislation to require all States and local jurisdictions that institute vaccine passports to also require voter identification in all Federal elections.”

“It makes no sense for Democrats to adamantly oppose commonsense Voter ID policies which protect the integrity of our elections,” said Senator Cramer. “If they’re comfortable making people show their private medical records to simply go to a restaurant, they should be fine having people prove they are who they say they are before they vote. Our legislation shines a light on their hypocrisy.”

According to a June Monmouth University Poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans across the political spectrum support requiring photo identification to vote (81% of respondents including 62% of Democrats).


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