U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox Business’ “Kudlow” and Newsmax’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” to discuss how the American people cannot afford the Democrats’ reckless tax and spend policies.  

Excerpts are below. 

On Democrats’ reckless spending:

“If you look at Bernie’s budget there, you’re exactly right; at the end of the ten-year budget window, the national debt will have gone from $28.5 trillion-dollars, where it stands today, to $45 trillion. President Biden talks about it is fully paid for. They’re projecting deficits over that period over $14 trillion. Just like the infrastructure bill is supposed to be entirely paid for, and then all of a sudden, oops, it was a quarter of a trillion dollars’ worth of deficit spending.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Kudlow,’ 08/11/21)

“It’s depressing. We witnessed over the last couple days here, first of all, the infrastructure bill that was supposed to be paid for but that added a quarter of a trillion dollars of additional deficit spending. Now, you’ve got the Bernie budget, which is advertised as only increasing our 10 year budget deficit by $3.5 trillion, but as Maya MacGuineas’ group pointed out, it’s probably over $5 trillion.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight,’ 08/11/21)

“They believe that government builds things. Government doesn’t build things. When you tax success, you’re going to get less of it, and that’s really what’s going to be, I think, the legacy of this budget bill. They’re going to increase taxes —  certainly not enough to pay for this. And of course, when you increase taxes, you probably reduce the overall revenue that you otherwise would have developed had you had a strong economy, but you’re just going to kill off the economy.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight,’ 08/11/21)

On debt ceiling:

“It is important to understand we don’t have divided government. Democrats are in complete control. They have all the capabilities of increasing the debt ceiling to accommodate their reckless spending. So leader McConnell has been quite strong on this, saying we’re not going to provide any votes to help you pay for or accommodate your deficit spending, and so with McConnell’s leadership I wrote a letter, drafted it, and circulated that yesterday. We got 46 of the 50 Republican senators saying that we will not provide votes to help Democrats increase their debt ceiling. Again they have the complete capability of doing it. … We’re not going to cave. The American people have to understand that Democrats, this is their out of control spending. They have the complete capability of increasing the debt ceiling and we’re going to make them do that themselves on their own without Republican help.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Kudlow,’ 08/11/21)

On Biden administration’s destructive policies:

“Democrats are complete hypocrites. They’re anti-fossil fuel. One of the first actions President Biden took was to shut down the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which destroyed really good-paying union jobs and of course denied us access to the types of oil reserves and resources we have. So again, their policies make no sense other than we know their policies will drive up the cost of energy. It will make America less competitive. It will destroy our economy. There are tax increases. When you tax success you get less of it. The Biden administration is administering disaster after disaster after disaster, whether you’re talking about the open border, the inflation bomb that is going off and is just going to continue to increase, the increasing deficits – and now Democrats, not including in the reconciliation package increasing the debt ceiling, putting at risk the full faith and credit of the United States.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Kudlow,’ 08/11/21)


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