There’s a Senate showdown brewing in the Empire State. Socialist Squad Leader Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – the de facto Senate Majority Leader – is readying a challenge against Senator Chuck Schumer. Even though Schumer is “doing everything he can to appease the Left flank of the party,” it is not enough for socialist AOC and her fellow far-Left radicals.

Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about a potential Senate run, AOC did not rule out the possibility because, in her mind, Schumer has failed the far-Left wing of his party. 

CNN: “But with the compromises baked into the bipartisan infrastructure deal rankling progressives, Schumer’s ability to bring home, through a party-line vote, a separate and more expensive reconciliation package demanded by progressives could make or break his standing with the party’s Left flank.”

Schumer is running scared and will no doubt continue “hugging the Left” in a likely doomed attempt to avoid a primary challenge from AOC.

Source: NRSC


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