Following the blatantly unconstitutional directive from the CDC on eviction moratoriums, Congressman Bob Gibbs wrote to his Republican colleagues asking them to consider and debate filing articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden.

After sending the letter, Congressman Gibbs released the following statement:

“The rule of law, the separation of powers, and the limitations of executive authority are not just talking points conservatives and Republicans use on the campaign trail. When we see clear violations of the oath entrusted in elected officials, it is time to consider our constitutional duties. We cannot have a repeat of the DACA debacle, in which an unconstitutional order metastasized into acceptable administrative policy. The President is derelict in his duty, having repeatedly said he lacks the authority to extend the CDC’s eviction moratorium, then extending it anyway. His actions on the border represent a negligence in keeping America secure.  We need to cut this off at the pass now and show we will not stand for clearly unconstitutional actions.”

The letter discusses the unconstitutionality of the CDC’s directive, the President’s acknowledgement it is unconstitutional, and the dereliction of duty with respect to the situation on the southern border:

“President Biden’s recent actions on the border represent a blatant dereliction of his constitutionally prescribed duties. Moreover, his shameless disregard for the limitations of his executive authority is a violation of his oath of office.

“Many of us were witness to the politically motivated impeachment proceedings of the previous four years. As conservatives and Republicans, I believe we understand impeachment is a serious constitutional mechanism, meant to be used only in the rarest and most grave circumstances. Sadly, we saw our Democrat colleagues debase it and use it as a talking point for electoral gain. We must strenuously avoid such trivial treatment of our duty.”

Source: Rep. Bob Gibbs


2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Congressman begins process to impeach Biden

  1. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Biden leave office, except that a President Harris is truly terrifying. Especially because Nancy Pelosi would have total control of Kamala’s leash.


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