House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her anti-gun cabal are attempting to pass gun control such as gun licensing, “red flag” gun confiscation orders, and gun buybacks into the appropriation bills H.R. 4502 and H.R. 4505. Gun Owners of America (GOA) is announcing its opposition to these bills.

GOA sent a letter to the leadership of both parties in the House of Representatives, addressing these infringements. In the letter, Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs, states:

The House of Representatives has no business appropriating funds for programs that directly infringe on the right to keep and bear arms, which is what these bills will allow.

Gun licensing, so-called “red flag” gun confiscation orders (GCOs), and gun buybacks have nothing to do with “State and Local Justice Assistance” and have everything to do with undermining the Bill of Rights.

Tragically, H.R. 4502 goes on to stigmatize mental illness as well, advocating for veteran disarmament using GCOs.


One thought on “Gun snatchers sneak gun bans for veterans and red flag confiscation raids into must pass funding bill

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