After a shooting on 14th Street in Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser blamed the incident on “an illegal firearm.” Later the next day, D.C. Police Chief Contee blamed the attack on “people who carry guns,” saying he was “mad as hell […] because [he] like[s] coming to 14th street” with his wife.

Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President, responded saying:

“Of course, the elite are choosing to focus on a criminal incident in a wealthy zip code. Why? Because it affects them! And who do they choose to blame? The gun instead of the criminal.

“But it’s clear this was the act of undeterred criminals intent on inflicting harm, mayhem and violence against an individual.

“Despite gun registration, magazine capacity limits, heavily-regulated concealed carry licensing, background checks, red flag gun confiscation orders, and a plethora of gun free zones erected by the DC government, criminals are still acting like criminals.  All these laws do is make it exceedingly difficult for the law-abiding person to own and carry self-defense guns.

“The DC government has blood on its hands.  They have enacted policies that enable these violent offenders to prey on the innocent. The District must repeal its unconstitutional gun controls and empower citizens to exercise their Second Amendment-protected right to self-defense immediately.”


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