Major Applewhite was the only Longhorn I ever liked when he played for a university in Texas.

He played for Austin at a time when the Wrecking Crew was in full force. When A&M played the Longhorns, he would be bashed like a pinata. But no matter how hard he got hit, he would pop right back up, blood running down his shirt and trot back to the huddle like nothing happened.

Few players are more interwined in the Aggie-Longhorn rivalry than Applewhite. It was Applewhite who upset #6 A&M in 1998, only to have the ball stripped from his hands by Brian Gamble in the 1999 “Bonfire Game.”

Tougher than boot leather, and now a good coach. There’s even talk that in the likely event Kevin Sumlin doesn’t return next year, he’ll be interviewed for the position.

I was originally dead-set against the idea of a Longhorn player becoming head coach. Then I remembered.

Emory Bellard. Texas A&M head coach, and one-time Longhorns player.

Bellard is one of the greatest coaches in school history, and one of my favorite coaches ever. Creator of the wishbone, three top-15 finishes,three bowl appearances back when that meant something and a Southwest Conference title in the Arkansas/Texas era.

Major Applewhite is a good coach. He’s going to be a great coach. Right now A&M can find someone better, but I’m starting to warm to the idea.

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