(VCDL Alert) On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, there will be a General Election to elect the Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, all the members of the House of Delegates, and many local offices.

This message addresses VCDL-PAC‘s endorsements for the House of Delegates only.  The endorsements for the Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General will be issued in a separate message.

If you don’t see an endorsement for your House of Delegates District, contact your candidates and POLITELY, but firmly, insist that they go on record and answer the VCDL Candidate Survey!

Not sure which District you are in?  You can find out at: http://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/  (Put your address in the upper right hand corner of the screen.)

A candidate must complete the VCDL Candidate Survey in order to be considered for endorsement.  In addition to their Survey response, VCDL-PAC factors in voting record (if any) and public statements (if any) the candidates make on this issue before issuing an endorsement.


VCDL-PAC is proud to endorse the following 17 candidates for the House of Delegates:

District 3 — WILL MOREFIELD !  Will is one of our most solid supporters, and has turned in yet another VERY PRO-GUN survey!

District 6 — JEFF CAMPBELL !  We endorsed Jeff in his first run, and he delivered immediately!  He is as solid as they come!

District 13 — BOB MARSHALL !  Delegate Bob is consistently one of our very strongest and most faithful allies.  He is A CHAMPION of school carry!

District 24 — BEN CLINE !  Ben Just might have the ONLY absolutely unblemished record in the GA!  He is as faithful as they come!

District 26 — TONY WILT !  Tony carries pro-gun bills REGULARLY, and he has turned in his strongest survey EVER!

District 31 — SCOTT LINGAMFELTER !  Scott had routinely carried 2-3 gun bills a year, before taking the Chair of the Militia, Police, & Public Safety Committee.  He fought to eliminate the $35 portion of the permit fee this year, and even got the Va. Sheriffs Assn ON BOARD!  He has already submitted a major initiative for 2018, and is being HEAVILY targeted by out-of-state money.  He deserves and needs our support!

District 33 — DAVE LaROCK !  Dave turned in a “Very Pro-Gun” survey, and he is our strongest ally for Class III issues!

District 51 — RICHARD ANDERSON !  Rich turned in a VERY PRO-GUN survey, carries pro-gun bills, and has an outstanding voting record.

District 56 — JOHN McGUIRE !  John sent in a VERY PRO-GUN survey, and has the support of one of the few Commonwealths Attorneys that we trust.  He served in the Navy SEAL teams, and fought his way back from a crippling injury. If he shows A TENTH of that tenacity in protecting our right, he will be a truly valuable addition to the House!

District 64 — EMILY BREWER !  Emily AGGRESSIVELY courted VCDL-PAC’s support and answered the VCDL Candidate Survey “Very Pro-Gun”!  She knows what’s important, and who her allies are!

District 65 — LEE WARE !  He has turned in another VERY PRO-GUN survey, and regularly carries bills for VCDL.

District 72 — EDDIE WHITLOCK !  Eddie turned in a VERY PRO-GUN survey!

District 88 — MARK COLE !  Mark carries multiple bills, year in, and year out!  He is one of our most loyal friends!

District 94 — MICHAEL BARTLEY !  Libertarian Michael Bartley submitted a “Very Pro-Gun” survey.  We are proud to have Michael’s support, and we support HIM!

District 96 — BRENDA POGGE !  Brenda has consistently supported us, and routinely carried parking lot bills!

District 97 — CHRIS PEACE !  Delegate Peace has been around for a long time, but this is the first time during my tenure that he has turned in a VCDL survey! We are thrilled to have him aboard!

District 99 — MARGARET RANSONE !  Margaret turns in VERY PRO-GUN surveys, year after year, and votes ROCK SOLID!

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