The Fake News have been caught lying again.

If Trump is “cutting” Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as they hysterically claim, where were they when Obama “cut” it even more.

Here are the actual numbers.

Trump is not cutting entitlement spending. He’s nearly doubling it.

Trump budget, Social Security
FY2017: $0.946 trillion
FY2025: $1.728 trillion
That’s an 82.66 percent increase.

Trump budget, Medicare
FY2017: $0.593 trillion
FY2027: $1.166 trillion
That’s a 96.63 percent increase.

Trump budget, Medicaid
FY2017: $378 billion
FY2027: $524 billion
That’s a 38.62 percent increase.

How does that compare to Obama?  Just look at Social Security.

Social Security spending under eight years of Obama:
FY2010: $695 billion
FY2017: $946 billion
That’s a 36.12 percent increase

Social Security spending under eight years of Trump (proposed):
FY2018: $1.005 trillion
FY2025: $1.532 trillion
That’s a 52.74 percent increase.

Trump is increasing Social Security spending even faster than Obama.

In other words, the mainstream media are deliberately lying.  No wonder trust in the mainstream media has fallen to an all-time low, and is still declining.

NOTE: Post updated with recent numbers.

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