House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and other Republican leaders on the Committee are demanding transparency from the Poynter Institute, the parent company of PolitiFact, for its clear biased and politically motivated decisions that help Big Tech censor Americans on their platforms. 

As reported exclusively by Breitbart

“House Republicans are demanding answers from The Poynter Institute, one of the nation’s most impactful ‘fact-checkers,’ over President Joe Biden’s definition of a ‘recession,’ according to a letter exclusively obtained by Breitbart News. 


“In a letter to PolitiFact’s parent company Poynter Institute, House Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee, led by ranking member Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), demanded answers about how the company conducts its fact-checking and if it has colluded with the Biden administration.  


“The letter also pointed to reports earlier in the year that Biden’s administration was using federal funds to buy crackpipes for ‘safe smoking kits,’ being labeled false by these fact-checkers, despite it being proven true. 

“‘More recently, PolitiFact incorrectly labeled third-party content that challenges the Biden administration’s definition of a recession as ‘false information,’ the letter said. 

“McMorris Rodgers even noted that former President Bill Clinton (D) defined a recession by the traditional two consecutive quarters definition. 


 “Our country is founded on the battle of ideas and having a robust discussion about the state of our nation,’ the letter said. ‘Holding our government accountable through fact-based journalism, including by questioning claims from the White House, is foundational to our democracy.’ 

“Not only does this seem to violate Poynter’s core principles, but it creates an echo chamber of misleading information to participants in active debate, the opposite of Poynter’s and fact checkers’ stated purpose.” 

CLICK HERE to read the full Breitbart exclusive. 

In the letter, Republican leaders ask Poynter Institute President Neil Brown:  

  • Who develops the standards that Poynter uses to certify its fact-checkers? 
  • What process does Poynter use to certify its fact-checkers? 
  • Has Poynter or any of its certified fact checkers communicated with any officials in the Biden administration regarding the definition of a recession? Has Poynter provided guidance to its fact checkers regarding statements by Biden administration officials on the definition of a recession? 
  • How does Poynter define misinformation, and does Poynter enforce its fact-checkers that moderate misinformation to ensure the same definition is used by each fact-checker certified by Poynter? 
  • How does Poynter conduct quality control for its certification of fact-checkers to ensure Poynter-certified fact checkers uphold the Poynter code of principles? 
  • How does Poynter ensure impartiality when assessing the accuracy and non-partisanship of PolitiFact, given the financial interest Poynter has in PolitiFact? 
  • If a Poynter-certified fact-checker is determined to be flagging content inaccurately, is there a process that a user can challenge their accreditation by Poynter? 
  • Has Poynter or any of its certified fact checkers communicated with Big Tech platforms regarding the definition of a recession? Has Poynter provided any guidance to Big Tech Platforms regarding the definition of a recession? 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Poynter Institute President Brown. 

CLICK HERE to read Leader Rodgers recent Op Ed with Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon and members of the House Republican Big Tech Task Force on how to hold Big Tech accountable for censoring Americans. 


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