Three sitting Democrat Senators from notoriously “deep blue” states are starting to freak out. Panicking Patty (Murray) has already started going negative in her ads in Washington State, national Democrats are pouring money into the Colorado GOP primary in efforts to help Sen. Michael Bennet, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal is going up on TV in Connecticut.

These are three states where Democrats shouldn’t have to worry about holding onto their seats, but not this year. Murray, Bennet, and Blumenthal have all supported Biden and his failing agenda 100% of the time so they are just as much to blame for the skyrocketing inflation, rising gas prices, soft-on-crime policies, the baby formula shortage and more.

We look forward to continuing to watch Patty panic, joining Bennet and Blumenthal burn money early this election cycle. We are keeping a close eye on these states, and you should too!


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