House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans demand to know from Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) how the Biden administration plans to prepare for and prevent dangerous blackouts that the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) says are likely this summer. This threat comes as the Biden administration continues its rush-to-green agenda to shut down American energy and leave the nation dependent upon intermittent and unreliable sources that strain the electrical grid.

All Energy and Commerce Republicans are calling on the administration to “assure reliability in the bulk power system and the affordable, reliable delivery of electricity.”

In an exclusive quote provided to FOX NEWS, Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) said:

“Blackouts are life threatening and extremely dangerous. President Biden, the Department of Energy, and FERC must take these threats and their responsibility to ensure reliable and affordable energy seriously. We are demanding that the administration provide specific plans for how it will prevent potential electricity emergencies this summer.

“People are suffering enough from record high and unaffordable costs created by President Biden’s energy crisis. They deserve and need every assurance their lights and air conditioning will come on this summer to keep themselves and their families safe.”

LETTER EXCERPT FROM E&C REPUBLICANS: “NERC reported that more than half the nation will be at elevated risk of power outages this summer. This is because of insufficient resources to provide power to peoples’ homes when their demand for power peaks during extreme weather conditions.

“The electricity resource shortfall is estimated to be even worse for customers living in a large region in the middle of the nation, extending from Wisconsin to Louisiana, where the report warns about outages during normal summer conditions.”


“This troubling situation represents the most immediate example of a broader and growing trend of increasing reliability risks across the nation’s electricity systems – risks that are mounting in the winter as well as summer months, according to NERC assessments.

“These reliability risks have been unfolding in plain sight, yet we have seen little concerted effort during the Biden administration to address relevant policies that contribute to these risks—policies relating to the delivery of energy fuels, market-design issues, environmental agendas, and regulations that threaten power generation.”

The members demand that Secretary Granholm and FERC respond to their questions by June 21, 2022 on what is being done to prepare and avoid power shortages.

  • Describe what specific actions you are taking or are prepared to take to address energy or electricity emergencies this summer in the bulk power system.
  • Describe your interactions with other federal agencies, the states, NERC, and independent system operators related to assuring reliability in the bulk power system and the affordable, reliable delivery of electricity.
  • Describe your interactions with the Environmental Protection Agency concerning potential and proposed rulemakings and enforcement activity that may affect the reliable delivery of electricity, such as the recent enforcement actions involving the disposal of coal combustion residuals from electric utilities rule.
    • List all potential and proposed rulemakings upon which you have provided technical comment.
    • List all enforcement actions upon which you have provided comment.
  • List all waivers or other emergency actions you are considering or have taken over the past two years in connection with electricity reliability.
  • List all regulatory actions you are considering or have taken over the past two years to alleviate reliability risks.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter to Secretary Granholm.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter to FERC Chairman Richard Glick.


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