In Raphael Warnock’s latest TV ad, he touts his support for the electric school buses made at a plant in Fort Valley – a tactic to avoid talking about other concerns such as inflation and the broader economy. 

Within days of the ad’s launch, the plant has announced it is laying off 115 employees.  The reason given was lingering supply chain issues.

The pain caused by the Warnock/Biden economic agenda is far and wide, and this is yet another unfortunate example.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “You can try to run from the economy, but you can’t hide. The failures of the Warnock/Biden economic agenda are ubiquitous and harm everything, including feel-good re-election ads.  Senator Warnock is learning the hard way that his liberal voting record has had real, negative consequences on the lives of Georgians.”


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