Yesterday, notoriously liberal “fact checker” PolitiFact did what they do best: misrepresent facts to cover for a Democrat Senator. They twisted the truth about the NRSC’s ad highlighting Mark Kelly’s radical votes to send stimulus checks to illegal immigrants. 

PolitiFact says that “immigrants in the country illegally largely have not been eligible for any of the payments.” This is classic rhetorical gymnastics that PolitiFact uses to cover for Democrats. 

If illegal immigrants “largely” aren’t eligible for stimulus checks, then – by PolitiFact’s own admission – some illegal immigrants did receive checks from Senate Democrats’ so-called COVID relief bill. After the bill was passed, Senate Democrats even admitted that illegal immigrants did in fact receive stimulus checks. 

Another tactic used by the Democrats’ PR firm, also known as PolitiFact, is to assume an outcome of a policy that either hasn’t become law yet or doesn’t become a law. Mark Kelly voted against Sen. Ted Cruz’s amendment to ensure stimulus checks aren’t sent to illegal immigrants. But PolitiFact says that the amendment was “largely symbolic” and didn’t pass, therefore Mark Kelly didn’t actually vote to send tax money to illegal immigrants. That’s the kind of spin PolitiFact reserves for only the most desperate Democrats like Mark Kelly.

As the saying goes: when you assume, you make an a** out of you and me. And PolitiFact has plenty of experience with that. Most notably, when they gave President Obama the benefit of the doubt and said it was true that Americans would be able to keep their healthcare plans under Obamacare, only to quietly change their rating to “pants on fire.” 

Statement from NRSC Spokesman Jonathan Turcotte: “Mark Kelly and his campaign volunteers at PolitiFact are working overtime to hide Kelly’s radical immigration votes. They don’t want Arizonans to know where Mark Kelly really stands. The bottom line is that Mark Kelly voted with Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer to send taxpayer-funded stimulus checks to illegal immigrants. And we’re going to remind Arizonans about that every day.”


In 2021, Kelly Twice Voted Against Amendments To Prevent Illegal Immigrants From Receiving Taxpayer-Funded Benefits

  • On February 5, 2021, Kelly Voted To Kill An Adopted Provision To Prevent Illegal Immigrants From Receiving Stimulus Checks. “Fiscal 2021 Budget Resolution – Democratic Substitute February 5, 2021 – Senate Roll Call Vote 52 – S Con Res 5 Description Schumer, D-N.Y., substitute amendment no. 888 that would strike the text of three provisions added to the bill by amendments previously adopted on the floor. Those amendments would include deficit-neutral reserve funds to allow legislation to prevent immigrants from receiving direct, tax-based temporary financial assistance; limit or prohibit environmental regulations that would ban fracking; and approve the importation of oil from Canada through the Keystone XL pipeline. Outcome Adopted by a vote of 50 – 50: Republicans 0-50 Democrats 48-0 Independents 2-0.” (S.Amdt. 888 to S.Con.Res. 5, Roll Call Vote #52, Adopted 50-50, 2/5/21, Kelly Voted Yea; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/7/21)
  • On March 6, 2021, Kelly Voted Against An Amendment To Prevent Illegal Immigrants From Receiving Individual Tax Rebates. “Coronavirus Relief Budget Reconciliation Package – Undocumented Immigrants and Tax Rebates March 6, 2021 – Senate Roll Call Vote 104 – HR 1319 Description Cruz, R-Texas, amendment no. 968 to the Schumer, D-N.Y., substitute amendment no. 891 to the bill that would make individuals who are not considered lawfully present in the U.S. under current tax code ineligible for the 2021 individual tax rebates provided by the bill. Outcome Rejected by a vote of 49 – 50: Republicans 49-0 Democrats 0-48 Independents 0-2.” (S.Amdt. 968 to S.Amdt. 891 to H.R. 1319, Roll Call Vote #104, Rejected 49-50, 3/6/21, Kelly Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/7/21)

    – NRSC

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