Democrats have found something else to blame for their poor poll numbers. According to Democrat elected officials and strategists, Democrats are heading for a shellacking in November because they’re doing a “f—ing horrible job” getting their message out to voters, not because voters don’t like the direction that Democrats are steering the country.

In Democrats’ fantasyland, voters are simply too uninformed to understand that the country is better off now. Democrats think if voters could just look past record inflation, the border crisis, and high gas prices, they’ll magically realize that Democrats are doing a good job in Washington.

Here are a few things that Democrats think can be fixed with a simple messaging tweak:

It’s not difficult to see why Democrats are living in a fantasyland: their failed leadership is hurting Americans. And the only way they can hold on to their majority in November is to create an alternate reality where none of these problems exist. Unfortunately for Democrats, Americans don’t live in fantasyland. They live in reality where Democrat leadership has caused soaring inflation and record illegal border crossings.

Democrats don’t have a messaging problem. They have a leadership problem.



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