Gas prices are soaring out of control in Georgia, up nearly a dollar in the last month alone.

Raphael Warnock touts one of the most anti-American energy records in the U.S. Senate.  He also has a history of openly advocating to abolish fossil fuels.  

Warnock knows this is a massive political problem and is already scrambling.  Just recently, he went up on TV with a hastily made ad touting his phony “gas tax holiday.”

Well, Georgians aren’t buying it. In fact, polling shows that voters disagree with the President and his allies’ handling of gas prices and inflation.  

Today, the NRSC released a web video highlighting Raphael Warnock’s shocking hypocrisy on gas prices to set the record straight.  You can view the ad here

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Raphael Warnock makes being two-faced look easy.  After years of trying to ban fossil fuels and hampering the oil and gas industry, America’s gas price crisis got a lot worse.  Now, he wants Georgians to forget his record by pushing gas tax gimmicks in the Senate.  The NRSC won’t let him fleece voters that easily, and today’s video will help make that point clear.” 


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