Ranking Member Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) issued the following statement on the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI):

“Main Street USA has been subject to incompetent leadership and failed policies. Under the Biden Administration, small business owners have faced numerous difficulties caused by reckless policy making and wasteful spending,” said Ranking Member Luetkemeyer.

“Skyrocketing inflation has compounded the difficulty to hire and retain workers amid a labor crisis. Record high energy prices have led to soaring overhead and shipping costs. America’s small businesses are struggling to stock their shelves and the Democrats only care about pushing their socialist wish-list agenda.

“The latest Consumer Price Index report shows a daunting annual inflation rise of 7.9% – higher than expected.

“If we are to help America’s primary job creators, then we need to implement pro-growth policies of lower taxes and less regulation. President Biden and Speaker Pelosi need to wake up because Main Street USA is in a state of crisis.”


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