Tuesday morning, Rep. Roy joined KTSA radio’s Trey Ware to warn Americans of Democrats’ destructive energy policies disguised as help for Ukraine, and to discuss his recent letter demanding transparency from the CDC on COVID-19 data.

Key quotes from the interview are below and the interview clip is available here.

On energy:

“Multiple Democratic politicians have been stepping to the mic saying, ‘I want to end Russian oil’. That’s not from the goodness of their heart to try to go help Ukrainians. That’s not to try to stick it to Putin. I’m telling you, it’s purposeful, because they want you to be paying $4, $5, $6, $8 a gallon, $10 a gallon for gas, so that you’ll feel compelled to go get an electric car.”

“It’s extraordinary what we’re allowing Democrats to do to our country. But every listener out there needs to know: it’s purposeful. Don’t allow the Ukrainian situation, which makes our hearts bleed for people getting, you know, destroyed by Putin, don’t let that be a shiny object that distracts you.”

On the CDC:

“The CDC doesn’t want to give us information, right? There’s information that we’d like to see about what exactly was going on with respect to the vaccinated and the unvaccinated population. And then what was the result of that data. They’re not showing it to us. I’m, of course, demanding that with a letter to the CDC, I’m going out and talking about this on the media, because I want the American people to understand they are trying to hide something.”

“I want to know the impact. I know you do, too. And every American deserves that. But the CDC wants to hide it. Well, we’re not going to let them get away with it. We’re going to keep the spotlight on them. It may take till next January to get the truth, but we’re going to spend the next nine months trying.”

“We shouldn’t vote to fund a government this week, again, that mandates vaccines. We shouldn’t vote to fund the government that doesn’t open up energy. We shouldn’t vote to fund the government that leaves our borders wide open.”

“You’re going to continue to allow the American people to get rolled over by a bunch of leftists who want to take over their lives, and you’re not going to stand up and force a fight with the only tool you have in your arsenal, which is the power of the purse. I’m gonna keep holding their feet to the fire.”


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