Democrats in the House just BLOCKED consideration of H.R. 6858, the American Energy Independence from Russia Act which would unleash America’s oil and natural gas production to offset Russian imports.

Democrats in the House would rather help fund Putin’s aggression than restore American energy dominance and use our energy resources to help Ukraine and Europe fight back.

House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) spoke on the House Floor demanding action:

“I rise today to urge immediate consideration of the American Energy Independence from Russia Act.

“Innocent blood is being spilled in Ukraine as we speak. Women and children are being separated from their fathers.

“Democracy is under attack. Freedom must prevail.

“What do the people in Ukraine want? They want self-determination and independence from Russia.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Russia’s economy is entirely dependent upon energy production and exports.

“Putin uses energy and pipelines as weapons, threatening to cut off supplies or hike prices when the West confronts Russia’s aggression.

“Russia’s energy exports fund its military and its current attack on Ukraine.

“America, not Russia, is the world’s number one energy producer. We should act like it and lead.

“President Biden must restore American energy dominance and use energy resources to help Ukraine and Europe fight back.

“We shouldn’t be buying a single barrel of oil from Russia and our allies shouldn’t be beholden to aggressors that attack their freedom.

“Europe should have the choice to buy American LNG and say ‘No’ to Russia’s pipelines and Nord Stream 2.

“That’s why Congressman Bruce Westerman and I are leading on the American Energy Independence from Russia Act. This bill flips the switch on American energy.

“We need more pipelines, including Keystone XL. So this bill immediately approves Keystone XL pipeline so that we can import crude oil from Canada, not Russia.

“It also removes all restrictions on U.S. LNG exports to deliver natural gas to our allies in Europe and it restarts oil and gas leasing on our federal lands and offshore waters.

“This is how we shut down Putin’s war chest, stand by Ukraine, empower our allies, protect our national security, and create jobs here at home.”

CLICK HERE to read the American Energy Independence from Russia Act.


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