There is one less “toss-up” for Democrats on the Senate map.

Today, the Cook Political Report announced that they were shifting their rating in the North Carolina Senate race from “Toss-Up” to “Lean Republican.”

This rating shift reflects the trend that we have seen nationwide: Americans are sick of the neverending cycle of crises brought on by the liberal policies coming from President Biden and the Senate Democrats.  Whether it be skyrocketing inflation, out-of-control crime, reckless spending, or the calamities overseas, Americans see their lives getting more difficult and polling affirms that

It’s why President Biden’s approval rating sits at 38% in North Carolina, well below the national average, and why 60% of North Carolinians believe the country is on the wrong track.  Now, Democrats have placed their trust in Cheri Beasley, a candidate who not only has aligned herself with the most radical elements of her party but never once has disagreed with Biden’s failing agenda. 

We’re sure that’ll work out well. 

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Democrats need a miracle to flip North Carolina.  Over the last fourteen months, President Biden and Senate Democrats have seemingly done everything they can to sour North Carolinians on their agenda.  Unfortunately for liberals, Cheri Beasley isn’t the answer voters are looking for and she will lose to the Republican nominee in November.”


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