The nation’s “most vulnerable Democratic senator” is looking more and more vulnerable by the day. As she pushes an extreme, progressive agenda, Catherine Cortez Masto is bleeding support among young, liberal voters and inspiring Nevadans to register as Republicans.

Tracking voter registration numbers, the Nevada Independent’s Jon Ralston declares, “every trend favors the GOP” in the 2022 midterms as Republicans erase the Democrats’ voter registration advantage. Democrat voters continue to flee the party, choosing instead to register as Republicans or Independents. In his latest analysis, Ralston found that “nearly three times as many Dems switched to the GOP as vice-versa in January.”

With Cortez Masto and Democrats in charge, Nevadans are seeing some of the highest unemployment rates in the country, staggering prices at the grocery store and the gas pump, and an increase of crime in their communities. It’s clear, voters aren’t putting up with Catherine Cortez Masto’s failures anymore.

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