With only 10 months until election day, one would think that Democrat Senate hopefuls would want the support from their party’s leader, President Joe Biden. Instead, they’re running as far away as possible to try to hide their full-throated support for the flailing president.  

  • Pennsylvania’s Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman was scheduled to skip President Biden’s event in Pittsburgh like it was the plague just last week.
  • Florida’s Democrat Congresswoman Val Demings refused to answer if Floridians are better off than they were a year ago and won’t say if she wants Biden to campaign with her.
  • Ohio’s Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan also refused to answer is Ohioans are better off now under Biden than a year ago and declined to say if he wanted Biden’s endorsement. 

“Moderate Democrats in purple and red states don’t want to be associated with President Biden because his failed presidency will drag down their electoral chances,” said Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network. “The avoidance of the president by members of his own party is perhaps the biggest proof that his presidency has been a disaster.” – Washington Examiner

Joe Biden’s approval ratings in poll after poll is scaring the bejeezus out of Democrats: plummetingunderwater, and hitting new lows. So, it comes as no surprise that Democrat Senate candidates would want to keep their party leader at an arm’s length as they try to convince Americans that their radical Left agenda isn’t THAT bad. Unfortunately for them, they have a record and we’ll keep reminding the voters in their states.


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