Suffering from the disastrous impacts of Joe Biden and Senate Democrats’ radical agenda, Americans are reporting a record low feeling of optimism in the latest measurement from Gallup.

It’s no surprise Americans are feeling less optimistic after a year of Democrat leadership. Gas prices have skyrocketed, there is a never-ending border crisis, grocery prices are astronomical, and grocery shelves are empty. And Democrats are pushing for perpetual school closures, even though the science tells us schools are safe for in-person learning.

Joe Biden’s disasters spell trouble for Democrats across the Senate battleground map, especially vulnerable Democrats like Mark Kelly, Maggie Hassan, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Raphael Warnock who endorse Biden’s failed agenda 100%. According to recent polls, Biden is underwater in each of their home states: ArizonaNevadaNew Hampshire, and Georgia

Voters are rejecting Joe Biden’s radical agenda, and they will similarly reject every Democrat senator who has supported Biden’s failures.


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