It has not been a great morning for Nevada liberal Catherine Cortez Masto, better-known as “the most vulnerable Democratic senator.” New polling and voter registration numbers confirm that Nevada Democrats are not enthusiastic about sending Cortez Masto back to Washington for another Senate term.

According to The Nevada Independent’s Jon Ralston, party registration numbers show a “good trend” for Nevada Republicans. That’s because over the past few months more Democrats switched to register as Republicans than Republicans who switched to Democrats. Ralston reported even more bad news for Democrats and Cortez Masto yesterday when he revealed that more Independents registered as Republicans than as Democrats.

While Nevada Democrats are losing voters at a rapid clip, Catherine Cortez Masto is bleeding support from young voters. A new poll released by the left-leaning group, Data for Progress, found that among Nevadans age 18-36, “28% approve of [Masto] and 42% disapprove,” approval ratings that put her behind both Governor Steve Sisolak and Senator Jacky Rosen. The poll also revealed a major enthusiasm gap with Republicans boasting a 19-point advantage over Democrats. 

Dwindling voter rolls, 28% approval among young Nevadans, and waning enthusiasm is not exactly a recipe for electoral success for Catherine Cortez Masto and Nevada Democrats.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “With abysmal approval ratings like these, Catherine Cortez Masto is going to need the full cavalry come November, but that will ultimately do little to help her. Cortez Masto’s Far-Left agenda is wildly out-of-touch with what Nevada voters of all ages want from their leaders, which is why voters are completely abandoning her. Senate Republicans will prevail in 2022.”


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