House Committee on Natural Resources Ranking Member Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) and Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee Ranking Member Pete Stauber (R-Minn.)along with Congressional Western Caucus Chair Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.) led a Republican forum titled “Minnesota Mining and American Potential: An Opportunity for a Brighter and More Secure Future.”

“We know that mining in Minnesota presents an incredible opportunity for the regional economy, local communities, and our nation as a whole, yet the Biden administration continues to be hypocritical in it’s decision-making,” Ranking Member Westerman said. “Today’s conversation not only highlighted that hypocrisy, but proved the need for mining in our country. I thank Mr. Stauber for being a leading voice on domestic mining issues and for his leadership on our committee.”

“This isn’t just about Minnesota, it’s about the whole country,” Newhouse said. “The Twin Metals mine and the other mining opportunities in the Duluth Complex represent exactly the types of projects we should be approving, promoting, and investing in to ensure a strong, stable supply of domestic minerals, strengthen our economy, and continue working toward American energy dominance. I’m proud to support Mr. Stauber’s steadfast efforts and partner with our Republican colleagues on the House Natural Resources Committee to demonstrate the potential for what could be a much stronger and more secure future.”

“Thank you to Ranking Member Westerman and Chairman Newhouse for working with me to put together this forum today,”Stauber said. “President Biden made a choice to ban mining in my district, putting my constituents’ livelihoods and our national security at risk. It therefore truly means a lot that both the House Natural Resources Committee and the Congressional Western Caucus worked with me to elevate a project so crucial to my district, Minnesota, and the nation. Mining in northern Minnesota isn’t just a local issue- it’s an industry with national and international implications. As global demand is growing to meet the needs of technological development, especially with minerals needed for alternative sources of energy, it’s time we start responsibly sourcing them here in the United States instead of relying on foreign, and often hostile, nations for them.”

The panel of 15 Republican members heard from seven witnesses during the forum:

Mark Compton, executive director, American Exploration and Mining Association

Jason George, business manager and financial secretary, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49

Brian Hanson, chair, Jobs for Minnesotans

The Honorable Mike Jugovich, seventh district commissioner and chair, St. Louis County Board

Julie Padilla, chief regulatory officer, Twin Metals Minnesota

Ryan Jackson, senior vice president of government and political affairs, National

Mining Association.

Heather Reams, president, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES)

Watch the full forum here and read the written testimony and opening statements here.

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