On Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Republicans and the Congressional Western Caucus held a virtual joint forum on rising American energy prices titled, “Holding the Biden Administration Accountable for Skyrocketing Prices & Failing Energy Policies.”

“This winter, the cost of energy both in households and at the pump have skyrocketed, hitting the pocketbooks of Americans across the country,” said Chairman Dan Newhouse (WA-04). “Our neighbors across the pond are living through an energy crisis due to overregulation of their energy sector, and President Biden has placed the U.S. on the exact same path. The Biden Administration’s failed energy policies have caused prices to shoot through the roof, and his plans to haphazardly cut out traditional energy sources and make America completely reliant on intermittent renewable resources will keep those prices rising – all while hitting middle and low income households the hardest. We can and should rely on all of the domestic energy resources we have right here at home to keep the lights on for communities across the U.S. and for our partners abroad. I’m grateful to my colleagues in the Congressional Western Caucus colleagues and Oversight & Reform Republicans for working together to hold this disastrous Administration accountable.” 

“The Biden Administration’s climate and energy policies have been a disaster for American workers and families. Under President Biden’s failed policies, thousands of good-paying jobs in the energy sector have been killed, inflation is at a 40-year high, gasoline prices have surged over 40 percent since last year, and households are expected to see heating bills rise as much as 54 percent this winter—harming all Americans, especially low-income households,” said Vice Chair James Comer (KY-01), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. “Democrats continue to prioritize progressive and expensive environmental dreams while Americans are facing an energy crisis nightmare. Oversight Committee Republicans are proud to partner with the Western Caucus to shine a light on these disastrous policies and identify solutions to bring down the cost of energy for American families and workers.” 

“Under President Biden, energy prices have soared and his administration has done absolutely nothing in response,” said Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-05), Ranking Member of the Oversight and Reform Environment Subcommittee. “It is clear middle class and working folks, those most impacted by this crisis, don’t matter to this president. We’re going to hold the actions of this administration accountable every day until we take back power in Washington and reverse all the damage done.

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