Democrats have only one thing in mind: Power. Their push to eliminate the filibuster in order to get their unpopular and reckless agenda passed is nothing more than a move to gain more power. But Democrats weren’t always this determined to get rid of the decades old rule. They even used it to their benefit more often than not.

Washington Times: “Dems have voted for more filibusters than Republicans as power devolves into divisive partisan tool

“ Sen. Charles E. Schumer were still the minority leader, it’s a good bet that he would be using the filibuster enthusiastically to stop Republican priorities, not fighting to eliminate it.

The New York Democrat has had plenty of practice. During 23 years in the Senate, he has voted more than 500 times to sustain a filibuster, according to data compiled by GovTrack.”

Their hypocrisy is laughable. 

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