The anti-student radicals at the teachers unions are once again moving the goalposts on keeping schools open for in-person learning. With thousands of schools across the country closed or returning to virtual classrooms, Senate Democrats are being forced to choose between their donors at the teachers unions or advocating for the well-being of America’s children by keeping kids in the classroom. 

Whose side will vulnerable Senators Catherine Cortez Masto, Raphael Warnock, Maggie Hassan, Mark Kelly, and Michael Bennet take?

A year ago, each of these Senate radicals twice sided with their donors at the teachers unions to keep schools closed and students out of the classrooms, despite the clear, negative impact virtual learning has on children.

With their reelections on the line, don’t expect Cortez Masto, Warnock, Hassan, Kelly, and Bennet to suddenly reject the anti-student demands of the teachers unions. Instead, these vulnerable Democrats will continue ignoring the needs of America’s students all while cashing campaign donations from the teachers unions.

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