Everything bad is on the rise in Joe Biden’s America, and that’s not a good thing for families and job creators. The cost of everyday goods is at a 40-year high and crime rates are on the rise in communities across the country.

But one rate not going up these days? Joe Biden’s approval numbers. In fact, voters in a new ABC/Ipsos poll are giving Joe Biden a failing grade on major issues of the day, like the economy, record-high inflation, and rising crime rates. According to this recent poll, more than two-thirds of voters disapprove of the Democrats’ inflation-inducing policies, including an alarming 71% of independents.

Voters also give Joe Biden and Democrats failing grades for how they’ve addressed historically high crime rates in American cities and communities. A mere one-third of voters approve of how Biden has handled rising crime.

It’s clear that Democrat policies are failing the American people. By blindly supporting Joe Biden’s radical agenda, vulnerable Senate Democrats like Catherine Cortez Masto, Maggie Hassan, Mark Kelly, Raphael Warnock, and Michael Bennet are directly responsible for out-of-control crime rates and the high cost of everyday goods.

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