In a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland on his recent directive to mobilize the FBI against concerned parents at school board meetings, as well as the details of a rape case in Loudon County, Virginia that was used to justify the directive.

Some key quotes are below:

Attorney General Garland, are you aware that because Loudon County prosecutors confirmed that the boy who assaulted this young girl in Broad Run High School, is the same boy who wore a skirt and went into a girl’s bathroom, sodomized and raped a 14-year old girl in a different Loudon County high school on May 28th?

This arrest of a 48 year-old plumber became the poster boy for the new domestic terrorism the Biden administration, the administration in which you serve, has concocted to destroy anyone who gets in the way.

AG, do you believe that a father attending a meeting, exercising his first amendment rights, and yes, getting angry about whatever lies are being told about his daughter being raped in the school he sent her to be educated in, that this is domestic terrorism?

Rep. Roy recently led an effort to put an end to AG Garland’s weaponization of the Department of Justice against concerned parents over critical race theory.


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