House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) and Oversight Republicans wrote a letter to the Port Envoy of the Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, John D. Porcari, requesting an immediate briefing related to the ongoing supply chain crisis in the United States. The Biden Administration’s misguided policies are contributing to historic delays at shipping ports, railyards, and warehouses, and are leading to extreme labor and good shortages. The Republican lawmakers are urging the Biden Administration to help Americans by addressing supply chain issues and are seeking clarification on their approach to solving another crisis caused by their flawed policies.

“We write today to urge the Biden Administration to address the ongoing supply chain crisis in the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic dampened our economy, including disrupting supply chains. These disruptions were supposed to be temporary. Due to labor shortages and growing backlogs, they are now expected to last through 2022, delaying deliveries of everything from food to life-saving prescriptions. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration appears unwilling to recognize the growing supply chain crisis. Instead, the Vice President is advising parents to buy Christmas gifts early…,” wrote the lawmakers. “The delays at ports, railyards, and warehouses stem directly from extreme labor shortages, caused in large part by the Biden Administration’s and congressional Democrats’ misguided policy to pay people not to work,” they continued. “Chronic shipping delays are contributing to growing inflation—inflation the Biden Administration’s unnecessary spending sprees caused.”

“Is this acceptable to the Biden Administration? Watching Americans struggle to pay more for everyday goods. Seeing ships anchored outside of our ports of entry and trains stalled in our railyards. Stores struggling to keep their shelves stocked. Help wanted signs littering every retail establishment in the country. It must be acceptable, because the Biden Administration has shown little interest in helping the American people. Rather, it appears more interested in growing the federal government’s power and reach, from spending trillions in taxpayer dollars to pushing vaccine mandates,” concluded the lawmakers.

To conduct important oversight over the Biden Administration’s supply chain crisis, Oversight Republicans are requesting a briefing to understand what steps are being taken to mitigate and ultimately solve supply chain issues.

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