In response to the Senate confirmirmation of President Joe Biden’s eco-terrorist-linked nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning, to serve as the new Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Americans for Limited Government Presient Richard Manning issued the following statement:

“The lunatic fringe that is the Biden administration just got nuttier as the Senate confirmed on a party line vote the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to be the new Director of the Bureau of Land Management. Stone-Manning is an eco-terrorist and she will be directing the agency which oversees one in ten acres in the United States and 30 percent of our nation’s minerals. For all the accolades hoisted upon some Democrat senators for saving the filibuster and not caving on the absurd $3.5 trillion Biden Wreckonciliation bill, it must be shocking to some that not a single Democrat voted against a nominee who was involved in a tree-spiking case in the late 80s and early 90s. Tree spiking is the practice where a metal rod is put in a tree with the intent of breaking a saw blade and doing grave harm to the foresters operating it.

“Now she is going to be deciding whether any mineral leases will be let by the federal government and will have the capacity to effectively shut down any new mineral or oil and gas development. For all those who believed that Joe Biden would be a ‘moderate’ president, Stone-Manning puts those notions to bed forever. The fact every Democrat in the Senate voted for her nomination, makes it clear that the idea of ‘moderate’ Democrats is defunct.”

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