At a Monday press conference in Tyler, TX, Greg Abbott encouraged abortion during the first six weeks of pregnancy, making it abundantly clear he feels women still have plenty of time to end the lives of their unborn children under the Texas Heartbeat Act. Conservative Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines condemned Abbott for advocating for abortion.

Huffines issued the following statement:

“The pro-life response should always be to acknowledge the human value of all unborn children, and today Greg Abbott fell short of that very clear standard. It is disgusting to watch our governor tout his pro-life credentials while advocating for women to get abortions in the first six weeks of pregnancy.”

Huffines further added:

“Texans are proud of the Texas Heartbeat Act because any action to further protect unborn life moves Texas closer to where we need to be. Life begins at conception and any action taken to terminate the life of an unborn child is murder. Abortion is murder. We must end abortion entirely and prosecute those who participate in it. Texans deserve an actual pro-life governor who is committed to this mission, not a coward who encourages abortion.”

Don Huffines is a proud fifth-generation Texan, husband, father, grandfather, and self-made entrepreneur. A committed conservative, Huffines is fighting to safeguard Texans’ elections, phase out property taxes, and secure the border once and for all. Huffines is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott from the right in the Texas Republican primary. Texans deserve leadership. No excuses.

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