No impartial observer has ever accused Maggie Hassan of being consistent, but she may have topped her best flip-flop with her endorsement of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Last week, President Biden announced that vaccine mandates would not only be required for all federal employees but also employees at any company with 100 or more workers. The latter requirement set off a firestorm of legal action taken by governors in opposition, including New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.

When asked about such a federal mandate in August, Senator Maggie Hassan said she did not believe that the federal government had clear authority to make such a national dictate.

Well, that didn’t last long…

Yesterday, Senator Hassan endorsed the historic sweeping mandates in an interview with WMUR. She invoked Washington’s inoculation of colonial troops against smallpox, completely misunderstanding the broader concern of forcing small businesses to force vaccines on employees and applicants.

Hassan’s flip-flop is the latest glaring example of her lack of independence. She is a hardcore Democrat partisan, even if it means trampling on individual rights in the “Live Free or Die” state.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Maggie Hassan’s flip-flop on vaccine mandates proves that not only has she become a Democrat hack but that she is wildly out of step with her state’s ‘Live Free or Die’ motto. As her state’s Governor and small businesses scramble to protect themselves against drastic government overreach, she is offering cover for President Biden and the far Left. Independence is important to Granite Staters, and big government liberals like Maggie Hassan have no business speaking for them in Washington.”

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