The embarrassment that has come from Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal is just the tip of the iceberg. Leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan is one of the worst outcomes of the withdrawal and the Biden Administration doesn’t seem to care. Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are speaking up in outrage, including Democrat Senator Richard “I lied about going to Vietnam” Blumenthal.

“Blumenthal – who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee and has sons who have served in the military – expressed he has been “deeply frustrated, even furious” at the U.S. government’s “delay and inaction” in rescuing the people left behind in Afghanistan after Biden’s deadly troop withdrawal.” – Fox News

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was an unmitigated disaster that put terrorists back in charge of the country. It resulted in the death of 13 U.S. service members, the abandonment of over 100 U.S. citizens and the majority of allied Afghans behind enemy lines, a donation of $212 million worth of U.S. military equipment to the Taliban, and the international community questioning our resolve throughout the world.

It is telling that Democrat Senator Blumenthal is speaking up against the failed Afghanistan withdrawal that has left Americans behind. But where do other Democrat Senators like Raphael Warnock, Catherine Cortez Masto, Maggie Hassan, Michael Bennet, and Mark Kelly stand? Will they finally hold the Administration accountable for its failures that make Americans less safe?



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