Just one day after Smyth County Sheriff Shuler was falsely listed as endorsing Mark Herring, Dickenson County Sheriff Jeremy Fleming has also come forward to call out Mark Herring’s lack of support for law enforcement and endorses challenger Jason Miyares.

“Over the past eight years, Mark Herring has abandoned law enforcement. As the extreme wings of the party degraded us and called for us to be disbanded and defunded, Mark Herring did nothing – he left us defenseless and unsupported.

This is why despite my political affiliation with the Democrat Party, I am publicly endorsing Jason Miyares for Attorney General – NOT Mark Herring. Jason has proven time and time again that he supports law enforcement and that his number one priority is Virginians – not politics.

This November’s election is bigger than Republicans vs Democrats. Virginia’s at a tipping point, and we need an Attorney General who sees the whole picture. Jason Miyares doesn’t care about political gains – he cares about keeping our communities safe, and that’s why I’m voting for him this November.” said Sheriff Fleming

…Mark Herring released a handful of sheriff endorsements. Alongside Smyth County Sheriff Chip Shuler, Dickenson County Sheriff Jeremy Fleming was falsely listed as an endorsement. Despite saying he wasn’t going to endorse Mark Herring, the Herring campaign deliberately listed him because of his political affiliation with the Democrat party.

“From day one I’ve said that my mission is Virginia’s safety. Standing with our brave men and women in law enforcement and making sure that they have the resources and support they need to protect our communities is one of my top priorities,” said Jason Miyares

“Sheriff Fleming recognizes that this election isn’t about party politics, but what candidate puts public safety above all else. I’m running to make a safe and secure Virginia for ALL Virginians – Republican, Democrat, and Independent. I’m honored to have his endorsement and look forward to working with him when I’m elected as Attorney General this fall.”

-Jason Miyares


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