U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) joined Mornings with Maria to discuss President Biden’s failure in Afghanistan and renew the call for Biden’s resignation. 

Tennesseans Are Disgusted At Biden’s Intentional Mess In Afghanistan

“What we have to look at is the fact that there is growing bipartisan frustration and disgust with what President Biden and his team have done. It is appearing that their actions are very intentional. The more we learn, it appears that they knew there were problems, that Kabul could fall, but yet they continued to make these decisions. This is a mess of their making. We have 13 U.S. servicemembers who are dead. They’re trying to do a victory lap, which is repulsive to me, and say, ‘this was an enormous success.’ When the vast majority of Americans know, it was not an enormous success… Joe Biden can talk all he wants to talk, but his actions show this administration is up to no good. They have been intentional in making a mess out of this situation in the Middle East.”

Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin, Milley Need To Go

“Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin, Milley, they all need to go. The mistakes are myriad on this. Lives have been impacted. My office has assisted over 2,000 individuals, citizens, SIVs, trying to get them out. We have no idea how many of them are still trapped in Afghanistan, as there has not been any further instruction to us since Monday when the last flight left.”

The White House Is Up To No Good

“[Biden] has appeared disinterested, hardhearted, callous, and it looks as if much of this was intentional… They are up to no good. They have said, since Barack Obama was president, ‘We want to fundamentally change this nation.’ And that is what they’re setting out to do. You can see it in decision after decision—killing the Keystone pipeline, inflation going up, soft on China, giving China what they need in Afghanistan, partnering up with Russia, going back into the Iran deal, the Paris Climate Accords, the list goes on and on…They need to go. They need to resign.”

-Sen Marsha Blackburn


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