Thus far in her young candidacy, Cheri Beasley has avoided taking positions on nearly every issue to a comical degree

Unfortunately, when you try to avoid every issue, you can find yourself mixing up your deflections, or worse, offering multiple explanations. That is exactly what happened to Beasley in August in a private call to donors when the filibuster issue was brought up. 

In a story almost certainly planted by one of her opponents (paging Jeff Jackson…), the Daily Beast reported that Beasley told donors, “The reality is, it [the filibuster] has in many ways benefited Democrats and people across North Carolina.” Of course, Beasley would never box herself in to any one stance so she was quick to say that she will “certainly take a look at” changes to the filibuster. 

A Beasley spokesperson tried to clarify by offering a less-than-ironclad explanation that Beasley believes “a procedural rule shouldn’t stand in the way of solutions that an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians support.”

To recap: Beasley thinks the filibuster has helped Democrats, but is still looking at it, yet on the other hand, doesn’t want the filibuster to stop bills she thinks North Carolinians support. Well, that clarifies everything!  

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Cheri Beasley is possibly the least prepared major U.S. Senate candidate in the country.  The more she avoids taking positions on the leading issues of the day, the more North Carolinians will take note and her liberal surrogates like Rep. Cori Bush will grow frustrated. The NRSC endorses her current course of action.”



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