Despite Senate Democrats’ failed attempt to push their Washington power grab on Americans, they are at it once again. This time going state-to-state to try and convince Democrats to support a bill that would use tax dollars to subsidize their political campaigns and force “every single political jurisdiction in the country” to pre-clear certain election changes, federalizing our elections. But over two-thirds of voters believe that states should decide the voting rules and regulations for their state, not the federal government.

Today, Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar held a roundtable in Wisconsin, with State Democrats like Senator Tammy Baldwin and Governor Tony Evers, to discuss how their proposed laws will affect Wisconsin’s election integrity. Specifically, they would remove the state’s voter ID requirement, which 80% of voters support, and give tax dollars – up to $17 million to be exact – to top Democrat candidates to fund their U.S. Senate campaigns.

Will Wisconsin Democrats like Alex Lasry, Sarah Godlewski and Mandela Barnes support this Democrat power grab even if it hurts Wisconsinites and the state’s election security?

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Democrats are at it yet again trying to ram through another Washington power grab. This time they’re visiting states to try to convince Democrats to join them in banning voter ID and instituting welfare for politicians. Democrats want no restrictions on voter fraud, they want to gut voter ID laws, and they want to use tax dollars to subsidize their political campaigns. Do Lasry, Godlewski and Barnes agree? Republicans are committed to stopping this welfare for politicians and blocking this Washington power grab.”


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