U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL), Lead Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, gave a speech on the House floor regarding the dire situation in Afghanistan.  

Lead Republican Rogers’ remarks as prepared are below.  

For four months, Republicans have demanded to know the President’s plan to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies and conduct counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan. 

For four months, they’ve told us they’re working on it.  It is now clear they never had a plan.

The President’s abject failure to plan is endangering the lives of thousands of Americans civilians and our allies in Afghanistan. 

Reports have been rolling in for over a week of Americans being assaulted or having to hide from Taliban thugs while they wait days for rescue.

Afghan allies are being brutalized and killed by these terrorists as they desperately try to get inside the gates of the Kabul airport.

And that’s just those lucky enough to be in Kabul.

Thousands of Americans and Afghan allies are still stranded hundreds of miles away from Kabul with little hope of rescue. 

Now comes an ultimatum from the terrorists that if our forces don’t withdraw by next Tuesday, they will start shooting. 

So what’s the response from the majority?

Well, Speaker Pelosi called us back to Washington, but not to deal with the dire situation in Afghanistan.

No, we’re here today to vote on a partisan $4 trillion giveaway to the radical left.A bill that doesn’t include a single dollar to rescue Americans or our allies in Afghanistan.

Or even a single penny for our national security. I have to question what the majority is thinking.  

Instead of this partisan exercise, I urge the majority to work with us to hold the President accountable and save Americans and allies still in Afghanistan.


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