“How dare you?!” “I’m pissed off.” “Jesus, you f***ing a**holes.”  

Those were just a sampling of the profanity-laced tirades that Politico Playbook documented from last night’s House Democrat caucus meeting that lasted late into the night. At the center of the tirades, which carried into this morning’s meeting in the Capitol, is the ongoing war between centrist Democrats and the socialist wing of the party that has taken Democrat leadership (and the country) hostage. 

The core of the hostage situation is Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to put the infrastructure package up for a vote before the $3.5 trillion (actually $5 trillion) reckless tax-and-spend package that is dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate.  It is also the core reason for Majority Leader Schumer to continue putting bills up for a vote that are doomed to fail. He is scared stiff of a primary challenge from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Bottom Line: Democrat leadership is so scared of their socialist fringe that they are willing to scuttle their agenda and greatly imperil their congressional majorities in an attempt to save their own jobs and leadership posts. 

The question then becomes, how do the Democrats looking for a promotion (Reps. Demings, Lamb, and Ryan) vote? They are no strangers to reckless spending, having voted for a “COVID Relief” bill that sent stimulus checks to criminals and illegal immigrants, but did little to combat the virus.

This will not end well, and we are very much here for it!

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “The Democrats are in free fall thanks to the socialists who have taken over the party. The ongoing intra-party war playing out is highlighting the very reasons that Republicans will take back both chambers of Congress in 2022. Democrat leadership is held hostage by their socialist fringe that is pushing the party far out of the mainstream, putting additional heat on House members looking for a promotion to the Senate. Thanks to hubris and shameless self-preservation, the Democrats are doing more damage to themselves than we could ever hope in such a short period of time.”



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