Lead Republican of the House Armed Services Committee, Mike Rogers (R-AL), spoke at a press conference following a briefing on Afghanistan.

He was joined by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Lead Republican of the House Veteran Affairs Committee, Mike Bost (R-IL), and Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul (R-TX). They were also joined by Representatives Jim Banks (R-IN), Michael Waltz (R-FL), Mark Green (R-TN), Brian Mast (R-FL), and Jake Ellzey (R-TX).  

Lead Republican Rogers’ remarks are transcribed below.  

Listen. Joe Biden has not been listening to anybody. He’s not listening now. 

One fact that was abundantly clear in the briefing we just had is that it’s not possible to get all the Americans out of Afghanistan by next Tuesday.

And then you heard the President go on air within the last hour and say, it’s still a hard deadline.

That is reckless and it is going to leave blood on people’s hands.

Everything about this situation that we’re in now is Joe Biden’s fault.

When he told George Stephanopoulos a couple of days ago that none of his advisors advised him against leaving Afghanistan the way he’s doing.

That’s just a lie. The fact is Joe Biden made the announcement in April of unconditional withdrawal.

In June, our committee repeatedly was asking the administration for a plan, how are you going to responsibly withdraw, and they couldn’t give us one.

I wrote a letter to the President, in July, asking for a plan still hadn’t gotten a response.

And now, in August, the Taliban takes over. 

He’s not listening to his advisors, he’s not listening to Congress, and this is the result that he got.

When you see ISIS-K and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan about to commit terrorist attacks, know Joe Biden created this place that we’ve got over there, to be as dangerous it is, with his reckless decision making. 

Either he’s senile or he’s in denial, but either way it’s reckless for our country.

And this disaster taking place is his responsibility.

-House Armed Services GOP


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