Retired Army Lt. Col. James Carafano, Heritage vice president for national security and foreign policy, released the following statement Tuesday following multiple press reports that President Joe Biden is refusing to extend his arbitrary Aug. 31st withdrawal date for U.S. forces from Afghanistan:

“The first priority of the United States government should always be the protection of American citizens. Unfortunately, President Biden’s ill-advised, politically motivated, and poorly executed Afghanistan withdrawal plan has jeopardized the safety of Americans abroad and at home. Even more sadly, the president has refused to extend the arbitrary Aug. 31 deadline he set as a withdrawal date for U.S. forces. In doing so, the president has condemned Americans, and Afghans who helped U.S. forces in Afghanistan, to torture and death. 


“The president’s choice is unacceptable. He must immediately and fully commit to evacuating every American citizen and lawful permanent resident stranded in Afghanistan. The Biden administration must also ensure qualified and vetted special immigrant visa holders are given safe passage out of the country. American forces must remain in Afghanistan until those objectives have been met. 


“The president’s actions have created the largest potential hostage crisis in American history. However, he can still prevent this disaster by staying true to his fellow citizens. All it takes is finding the political will he has so far lacked. If he does not, he will be signaling to our enemies that it is open season on Americans abroad.”

-Heritage Foundation


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