The House is officially in session this week and welcoming back a very divided membership. What’s on the agenda? Bernie Sanders and the Squad’s $3.5 (really $5.5) trillion spending bill. Speaker Pelosi and the progressive Democrats are trying to jam through a budget resolution that will allow Democrats to start the process on their reckless tax and spending spree.

Radical Left House Democrats have already made it blatantly clear that they are ready to hold the BIPARTISAN infrastructure bill hostage unless their reckless tax and spending spree passes. Clearly the ‘Squad’ is neglecting to acknowledge the rising inflation, unfathomable debt, and tax hikes that will hurt hard-working Americans and job creators.

There are some Democrats in the House fighting back. They refuse to support a budget resolution until there’s a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. But Senate hopefuls like Val Demings, Tim Ryan and Conor Lamb are silent. They appear to be siding with Pelosi and the Squad’s strategy of holding infrastructure hostage until they get their $5.5 trillion tax and spending spree.

Do Val Demings, Tim Ryan, and Conor Lamb – who are looking for a promotion in Washington – agree with holding infrastructure hostage unless paid a $5.5 trillion ransom? Or will they stand up against the radical Left members of their party and put Americans’ best interests first? Voters will be closely watching.


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