U.S. Representative Mike Rogers, Lead Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, joined “America Reports” on Fox News with John Roberts to discuss President Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In the interview, Lead Republican Mike Rogers discussed upcoming legislation and set the record straight on what President Biden was really advised to do in Afghanistan.  

Transcribed highlights of the interview are below.  

Lead Republican Mike Rogers on important questions for the Administration: 

“Well we’re going to try to get a vote, either this evening or tomorrow, demanding that we get some answers from the Biden administration about:

  • Exactly how many Americans remain in Afghanistan. 
  • How many of our allies, who supported us in the endeavor, remain there. 
  • And we want to know exactly what kind of equipment that has been left, and how we get it back. 

So we’re going to try to push that vote either tonight or tomorrow morning and hopefully we’ll have some success with that.” Lead Republican Mike Rogers on President Biden claiming this withdrawal is what he was advised to do: 

“I can say, the members of the House Armed Services Committee – Democrat and Republican vigorously opposed this decision when it was announced. We met with the administration in classified settings on two occasions. And I can tell you the Democrat members were just as vigorous as the Republican members in opposing this and trying to get the administration to not go forward with it. 

And I can say that the President when he spoke to George Stephanopoulos in his interview and said that he was not advised by his military leaders, to not do this, is lying. I know for a fact that some of his senior military leaders advised against the withdrawal…And we urged the President, at a minimum, to keep Bagram Air Force Base and to go slower, if he was determined to withdraw, but he wouldn’t listen anybody.”  

Lead Republican Mike Rogers on the Taliban dictating terms of U.S. engagement in Afghanistan: 

“The fact is we shouldn’t be asking the Taliban to do anything. We should be telling the Taliban, what we’re going to do and what we’re not going to do, and they should be taking our orders or else. I just don’t understand where he’s coming from when he thinks that we can dialogue with people that are basically barbaric butchers.” 


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