Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement on the inadequate efforts by the Biden Administration to safely evacuate Americans in Afghanistan:

“President Biden has not even been in office for a full eight months and he has already done irreparable damage to United States’ standing within the international community – not to mention our national security interests. Instead of creating and enacting a calculated and comprehensive plan to protect and evacuate the remaining Americans that are stuck in Afghanistan, he continues to point fingers, push falsehoods that have been refuted by members of his own administration and evade pressing questions. President Biden is destroying this great country’s credibility on the world stage with this inept planning, failed executions, and inability to calibrate in this crisis.

“After listening to Secretary of Defense Austin, Secretary of State Blinken, and General Milley brief members of Congress, it’s clear that there was never a plan to safely evacuate Americans in Afghanistan, and any explanation of efforts that are underway were insufficient. The arbitrary deadline of August 31st for a complete withdrawal set by this administration is far removed from reality and based on the lack of expediency that has been displayed thus far, that deadline will never be met. The evacuation will only be complete when every American has exited Afghanistan safely. Americans should never have to worry about their own country turning its back on them.”


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