Larry Elder, nationally syndicated radio host and newspaper columnist, bestselling author, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and candidate for governor of California continues to hold a commanding lead in the California special recall election, according to two new polls.

An Emerson College poll shows Elder in the lead among recall candidates at 23%, seven points higher than in the last Emerson poll conducted two weeks prior. Voters remain nearly split on recalling Governor Gavin Newsom, with 46% in favor and 48% opposed. Homelessness and crime are listed as their top concerns.

Political Action Committee Reform California, a grassroots organization supporting the recall, today also released their polling of activists statewide. Elder is shown with a staggering lead at 74.8%, making him the clear favorite among the recall candidates.

“I am fired up and ready to bring my message to even more Californians. The polls are in our favor. Let’s make this a reality and recall Gavin Newsom because we’ve got a state to save,” said Elder.

Larry Elder continues to build on his momentum by talking to voters across the state.


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